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Men's Rites of Passage - Illinois Midwest

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Dates:  August 15 - 19, 2012
Location:  Pilgrim Park Retreat Center near Princeton, IL
Cost: $565

What is the "Rites of Passage" for men?
The program is a five-day/four-night deeply prayerful and soulful experience that builds on the classic patterns of male initiation through simple and moving rituals and teaching. Each day includes group prayer, major teachings on central masculine spirit-uality themes, quiet time for reflection, and sharing in the context of a "home group."

In the words of the program's founder, Fr. Richard Rohr:
"Men are asked to come with a willingness to participate from beginning to end and not as an observer. All participants begin at point zero with no agendas to live up to or down to. All that is required is for a man to come with a 'beginner's mind' and the readiness of a young novice seeking wisdom. Ultimately, initiation, like life itself, is not a spectator's sport."

What the MROP is…

  • A personal discovery about masculine spirituality and 'the Holy Mystery.'
  • A time to savor the healing and awesome power of nature.
  • A process to address issues of loss, grief, and relationships with father, other men, and oth-ers.
  • An opportunity to examine life's priorities and ask courageous questions about your 'next step.'
  • An invitation to listen to the 'quiet voice of God.'
  • A chance to return to life with a renewed com-mitment to your gifts.

What the MROP is not…

  • A traditional, lecture-based retreat.
  • An informational workshop about men's spirituality.
  • A sensitivity-training or deprivation experience.
  • A test of physical stamina.
  • A threatening process that requires participants to engage in anything strange or unsafe.

Not sure if you are ready?

This is a common question for those inter-ested in the MROP. Here are some practical ways to help you know. Speak to someone who has made the MROP. If you don't know someone, email and we can connect you to someone to speak with in your geographic area or call (505) 242-9588.

Obtain one or some of the resources listed below. The books, CDs, DVDs, and tapes provide valuable insight and should give you an idea if what the MROP offers and what you are seeking are a fit.

Masculine Spirituality and Why Males Need Initiation Beloved Sons Series 1&2
From Wild Man to Wise Man or Quest for the Grail - books by Richard Rohr, OFM
Men Matter: A Quest for the True Self - audio recording by Richard Rohr, OFM

For more detailed descriptions and information on how to order, visit

This is not about religion, but about spirituality, about age-old traditions that guide us into manhood, about coming to trust that there is something much greater at work in our lives than we could ever imagine.

Please see the blog section of this Web site for reflections by men on how they decided to make the Men's Rites of Passage.  For more about the M.R.O.P. experience for men see Richard Rohr's Center for Action and Contemplation Website:

Also see the excellent description of the Rites at the Northern California Men as Learners and Elders Web site:

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